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Company Idea

WTL's corporate philosophy is "technology creates high quality, people-oriented creates the future." Based on the business philosophy of “innovative design, excellence, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction”, the company has a keen market insight, leads the trend design, lends a leading technology development platform and superb manufacturing capabilities; and uses its broad mind to seek and users. Suppliers grow together.

       Since the establishment of the company, WTL Company has actively explored new technology fields with the technical concept of “advance with the times”. The development history of WTL is a history of technological transformation and technological innovation. For a long time, WTL has launched a large number of new products that are epoch-making with the epoch-making significance, which greatly enhances the convenience of consumers. Not only that, but also WTL uses various new materials to reduce the environmental burden and actively fulfill its environmental guidelines and social responsibilities.

        Protecting the environment is about protecting all life on Earth. WTL Company has obtained the ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System and SA8000 Social Responsibility System Certificate. Actively cooperate with all administrative units to advocate environmental protection and fulfill social responsibilities.

        As an ODM company, in order to survive and achieve sustainable development under the severe market economy, enterprises must have a "wolf" team, so that employees can always maintain a passionate work enthusiasm and maximize the potential of each employee. WTL Company always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Technology creates high quality and people-oriented creates the future”, vigorously promotes personnel training (out-of-office training, internal training), and strives to build a fair and equitable platform and assessment mechanism.

        Taking the development route of the capital market is the goal that WTL people strive to pursue. To this end, WTL Company advocates taxation as a priority to fulfill its social obligations; it also conducts social welfare donation activities in the places of registration, Guangxi and Hong Kong.

  • Shenzhen Address: No.4&No.11, No.3 Industrial Area, Xiacun, Gongming Town, Guangming, Shenzhen, China
  • phone:+86 755 2716 3033
  • Hong Kong Address: Rm3901-02, Simg Ga Comm Center Connaught Road West 148. Hong Kong.
  • phone:+852 2549 1118
  • Gungxi Address: Block 8, Electronic Information Industry Base 3 China-Malaysian Industrial Park Qinzhou Guangxi
  • phone:+86 0777 5988 233
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